A Warm Winter Day


Yesterday the afternoon sun came out and it was quite balmy for a Chicago winter day! So, Peter and I took the opportunity to get outside and enjoy the last little bit of daylight. At least the days are getting longer, right? 😉

I love this Zara pullover Peter is wearing so much, that I just bought it in gray for next fall/winter. It was on sale for only $15.99 – such a steal with the cute detailing! Whenever I can, I try to buy clothes in advance. Often times I find stores don’t have everything you want if you wait to buy during the season you are in. If you know at what rate your child typically grows, you can start to buy clothes in advance and not be scrambling last minute.

Peter: pullover by Zara (similar styles here by Crew Cuts and Vineyard Vines) | polo shirt by Ralph Lauren | belt by Janie and Jack (similar here) | pants by Janie and Jack | shoes by Ralph Lauren



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