Winter White


It sure didn’t feel like winter today, but Caroline looked so sweet in her ivory dress! The sun was shinning and it was 55 degrees! It really feels like Spring is coming soon. Too bad we are still in January and have a long way to go. Oh well, we will soak up as much sunshine as we can now 🙂

Lately Caroline has been all about babies and it is the cutest thing. When we see a little baby while we are out and about, she can’t keep her hands off of them and wants to give them hugs and kisses all over. And at home, she takes her baby dolls everywhere and tends to them with mini bottles, pacifiers, fake food, and more. Hopefully she will always be this sweet and caring.

Caroline: ivory dress by Jacadi (50% off) | ivory tights by GapKids | boots by Zara (on sale for $15.99) | bow by Free Babes Handmade | doll by Corolle (at amazon)



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