Celebrate Earth Day

IMG_9484IMG_9490IMG_9505IMG_9513IMG_9515IMG_9516IMG_9541IMG_9546IMG_9543Caroline – Floral blouse: Jacadi (similar style here and 25% off) | Jeans: Hudson Kids

Peter – Navy polo: Zara (only $7.90 and comes in more colors!)| Jeans: Polo Ralph Lauren (on sale) | Slip-On sneakers: Native Shoes

Gardening tools: Target (bought them in the dollar bins, but similar style here and here)

Here are some fun ideas on what you can do with your tot(s) to celebrate our beautiful Earth this spring!

  1. Plant a flower or vegetable in the backyard and teach your little ones the importance of sun and water. If you don’t have a yard, use a plastic cup and watch your little seed grow daily! As you can see above, Peter loved digging and then covering our dahlia bulb with dirt. We’ll see if it grows 😉
  2. Visit your local botanic garden and explore what it has to offer. Here is a list the gardens in the United States.
  3. Check out a farm to see the baby animals, and your little ones may even be able to pet or feed the animals!
  4. Go to a local farmers market and have your tot pick out a new vegetable to try!
  5. Make a homemade bagel bird feeder with just a few ingredients. Hang it from a tree, and then step back to watch the birds (or squirrels) flock to the tasty treat your little ones created.



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