Cool Spring Blues


Striped sweater: Zara | Navy pants: Zara | Collared shirt: Zara | Slip-ons: Gap Kids

Have I mentioned how thrilled I am that Zara expanded their baby boy and girl lines to include 3-4 year olds! This makes me so happy, as their baby boy line is much cuter than their boy line. For your reference, Peter fits perfectly in Zara baby boy size 3-4 years. As a comparison, Peter turned 3 in December, typically wears a 3T in other brands, and is around 39 inches tall. I hope that helps you with sizing!

I love these pieces together and as separates. The striped sweater and navy pants are super light weight, which is perfect for layering in spring and even summer. The pants have a one-button closure that makes bathroom breaks easy too!

The other day was a bit chilly and windy, but Peter really wanted to show Mimi (my mom) our “secret garden.” Can you tell my little man was a bit wild and over-excited? My mom was trying her best to help corral Peter for a couple pictures, but really it just wound him up more 😉 All my other outtakes are blurry with Peter darting off.

It bring me so much joy to see Peter and my mom laugh and have fun no matter what they are doing. I swear they just look at each other and start laughing!



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