A Big Girl Bed for Caroline!


Caroline’s pajamas: KicKee Pants (color: natural)

Upholstered bed: Crate & Barrel

Sheet sets: RH Baby & Child (here – on sale and here)

Duvet cover: RH Baby & Child (on sale)

Decorative embroidered pillow: RH Baby & Child

White quilt and shams: Crate & Barrel

Bed rails: Babyhome (sold at Amazon and Target)

Plush lamb: Pottery Barn Kids

Baby Doll: Corolle

Nightstand: Pottery Barn Teen

Princess crown: RH Baby & Child

Animal stacker: Pottery Barn Kids

Bunny rocker: RH Baby & Child (on sale)

Toy storage baskets: RH Baby & Child

Pink wooden stacker: Pottery Barn Kids

Rocking chair and recliner: Dutailier (we custom ordered ours from Buy Buy Baby and used their 20% off coupon)

Plush blanket: Little Giraffe

Plush bunny: RH Baby & Child (on sale)

A couple months ago, we transitioned Caroline to a big girl bed after she started jumping out of her crib. As I expected, she took to her new bed incredibly well and happily climbs into bed at night. I think a large part of this has to do with watching her brother and wanting to be just like him. Thankfully she has only gotten out of bed a couple times when she wasn’t feeling her afternoon nap.

Caroline was always a good crib sleeper and I was hoping to keep her in it until she was at least two or three, but when she decided it was time to get out of a crib at 18 months… we had to listen and act quickly 😉 We ended up moving our queen to her room and ordering a king for our room. We are still waiting on our bed and duvet cover to arrive, but at least Caroline’s big girl bedding has arrived!

Caroline’s room is painted a very light pink (imagine the nail color ‘ballet slippers’ from Essie, but even a little softer), so I stuck with shades of pink, gray, and white for her bedding. I wanted it to be girly, but something she could use for a long time. I’ll admit it doesn’t look very baby-like, but she will grown in to it, and I can always tone down the pink when she is older by switching to white sheets or a white duvet.




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