Summer Whites


White eyelet dress: Cat & Jack from Target (only $15! Similar styles here and here) | Hair bow: Wee Ones | Teething necklace: Bumble & Bee

Summer came early! It’s only May and we had 85 degrees in Chicago today! Caroline and I were loving the heatwave and having a blast running around barefoot. Like most toddlers, there is certainly no relaxing when you are outside with Caroline… she is constantly on the move and pushing the limits. Here new favorite activity is to walk along the top of our little paver wall and pretend it is a balance beam. What kind of tricks are your tots up to these days?

Don’t be afraid to put your little ones in white for these warm summery days! They look absolutely adorable and oh so angelic in white. Also, it will keep them cool in the heat. The other day I found this perfect little eyelet dress at Target for only $15! Grab it before they are sold out! The nice thing about this dress being so affordable, is that if it does end up get a little dirty, you won’t feel like it’s the end of the world. [Stain tip: watermelon is the worst, so undress your kids before that refreshing snack or treat the clothing right after!*]

One other thing, the dress is meant to be an off-the-shoulder, but Caroline wasn’t feeling that style, so I just had her wear it like a normal dress. I think that worked out well! Don’t you? Plus this way her shoulders won’t get burnt.



* Use a white cotton cloth or white paper towel to blot up as much of the liquid in the stain as possible. Use a gentle touch and don’t rub. Rubbing will push the stain deeper into the fibers. Mix a solution of two teaspoons of dish washing detergent in two cups of warm water.

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