Beach Day


Summer animals top & ruffle shorts: Mini Boden (sold at Nordstrom) | Hair bow: Posey Baby

I just love the little pom pom trim on this subtle animal print trip for a pop of color. The pattern and material is so light and summery… the perfect sun outfit. It also comes with adorable light blue ruffle bottoms that are an easy color to coordinate with when dressing your boy(s).

I’m a big fan of coordinating my kids’ clothing colors. It sounds so silly when I say this outloud, but I actually think I am calmer when I look at my kids and they are coordinating versus wearing totally clashing colors and styles. I suppose it is kind of like going into a neat neutral room versus a busy, colorful room, where you don’t know where to look. What kind of room do you prefer? It must be a personality thing 😉

Oh and can you tell my little Caroline is completely into collecting rocks and sticks these days. She gets super focused and won’t even look up to smile, which is very unlike her!



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