Another Baby on the Way!


Bonus picture of the kids causing trouble in the flower bed! IMG_1952

Caroline’s dress: Ralph Lauren (on sale there for $25 with code KICKOFF)| Hair bow: Wee Ones | Sandals: Salt Water Sandals by Hoy

Peter’s polo shirt: Ralph Lauren | Seersucker shorts: E•Land Kids | Boat shoes: Sperry Kids

Baby moccasins: Freshly Picked

I’ve been dying to tell you all that we are expecting our third child in December!! It’s been such a hard secret to keep this time around and we’ve known since very early on. I swear I could tell the first week that I was pregnant, and I can already feel the baby kicking!! We are so overjoyed to grow our little family and watch Peter and Caroline embrace a new sibling! Peter (3.5 years) keeps asking what we are going to name the baby and how big the baby is getting in my tummy. And occasionally he will give my belly sweet kisses. Caroline (22 months) is really into caring for her baby dolls lately, so I can only imagine she is going to be a super helper! However, I’m going to need to watch her like a hawk, since she will think she can pick up the new baby whenever she wants 😉

Thankfully the pregnancy has been a breeze so far… no morning sickness at all and only the first trimester exhaustion. It typically hits me around 1:15pm, right after I put Caroline and Peter down for a nap! While there is always so much on my to-do list, including a workout during those two hours of free time, I have been listening to my body and letting myself rest. I try to keep the naps to 20 minutes, but sometimes the snooze button becomes a regular, hehe. That said, now that I’m in the second trimester, I have kicked up the workout program and I’m forcing myself to get back to my normal energy level.

As the pregnancy progresses, I’ll continue to give you updates and let you know how I’m prepping for the baby’s arrival. And in the meantime, send me your advice and/or ask me any questions you may have!



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