Late Summer Nights


Peter’s briefs: Calvin Klein (potty training tip for boys: get underwear that matches daddy and your boy might be more excited about the process!)

Caroline’s diapers: Pampers Swaddlers (note, she should be wearing a swim diaper, oops!)

Popsicles: GoodPop (I bought my box at Whole Foods, but you can buy the Freezer Pops on Amazon too)

One of my favorite things about summer are the amazing long summer nights! I love that the sun stays up extra long to allow you to really appreciate this time of the year. Now that we live in Chicago (and not San Francisco)… it stays warm enough at night to really enjoy the evening after the sun sets.

I kind of think summers are meant to give parents an excuse to keep kids up a little past their bed time 😉 Or perhaps my mom passed this down to me, hehe… she lives for summer!

There are so many fun activities for summer nights! Here is a short list of activities I’ve already done with my toddlers this summer. Hopefully it gives you some inspiration!

  • Go for a post dinner walk (on the beach or around the neighborhood) – add popsicles as a fun special treat
  • Have a dinner picnic in the park (pick up takeout food, order a pizza delivery to the park or pack a meal – and if you want to spice it up for you and your hubby… bring a bottle or rosé and plastic cups)
  • Find a free outdoor concert (usually through the park district/city or a near by botanic garden / outdoor mall)
  • Take the kids for an after dinner swim at your local pool
  • Teach the kids how to roast a marshmallow and make some s’mores (if you don’t have an outdoor fire pit, you can bake some in the oven with this recipe and just enjoy them outside

What do you like to do with your family on a late summer night?



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