Yogurt Painting


Table: Pottery Barn Kids | Paint brushes: Melissa & Doug | Paint: Homemade 😉

This morning, Peter and Caroline definitely enjoyed getting a little messy with some outdoor painting. And the best part is that the paint was edible… yogurt! Notice Caroline is having a taste in this last picture.

It’s such a simply recipe and activity that anyone can do. And it’s great for babies/young tots too, because you can make it finger painting fun in a high chair. That way you don’t have to worry about them running around with messy hands. The clean up is fairly painless and if they sneak a taste, you really don’t mind. It’s also a great play date group activity!

Yogurt Painting Instructions:

  • Ingredients
    • 1 large container of vanilla or plan yogurt (greek yogurt makes a thicker consistency than regular yogurt)
    • Food coloring (4 primary colors that you can buy at any grocery store)
  • Mix at least a cup of yogurt with a couple drops of food coloring
    • Remember your colors mixing rules and you can make all sorts of colors (red + yellow = orange, blue + red = purple, etc)
    • The more food coloring, the more vibrant the color
    • Repeat until you have enough colors (6 usually makes a nice rainbow)
  • I suggest using cardboard as the canvas. Today, I tried cardstock and the paint was too watery and heavy for the material. Just take an old shipping box – I know you all get shipments often 😉 – and cut a large rectangular surface for your tot.

Happy painting! Feel free to share your favorite (easy) toddler activity below!



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