Pink Seersucker Swimsuit


Two-piece swimsuit: RuffleButts | Hair clips: Emery Common

Is it just me or are all toddlers pretty much obsessed with bubbles?! Caroline asks for them all the time and insists on trying to make them herself, which usually results in the whole bottle being dumped out.

Grammy gave Caroline the cutest little new pink seersucker suit for her 2nd birthday! The set that can be found at Nordstrom comes with a floppy hat and is UPF 50+. If you only want the suit, you can buy directly from RuffleButts. Caroline is wearing 2T, so I’m hoping she will fit in this next year too!

Oh, and I have to mention that these are Caroline’s first pigtails 😉 Her hair is finally getting long enough for some fun styling. I added the most darling classic hair clips from Emery Common to the look. These high quality bows are made with french barrette clips and actually stay in.




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