Third Trimester Pregnancy Update


Off the shoulder dress: ASTR the Label (note this is not maternity, but it works if you are pregnant! Similar styles here and here)

I know these dresses are a little summery, but you could snag them now for next year or for an upcoming tropical vacay. Also, here is another ASTR the Label dress, which is festive for Fall! I recommend layering it with a light jean jacket (daytime) or suede moto jacket (evening). Oh how I love the dusty rose color for this time of the year!

Okay, so now on to the pregnancy update…

Q: What pregnancy is this for you and when are you due?

A: It’s my third and probably my last given that three seems like a good number of kids! Our little baby boy is due mid-December and we can’t wait to meet him. We also have Peter, who will turn 4 years old in December (hopefully not the same day as the baby arrives!!) and Caroline, who just turned two last month. My first two kids are 20 months apart and then second and third should be around 28 months apart.

Q: How has this pregnancy been different so far?

A: The funny thing is that with our first pregnancy, as a couple, it is all we would talk about! My husband was constantly asking to feel kicks and we were also going to baby stores for the latest finds! And of course, I was stocking up on the baby’s wardrobe. This time, however, it is my kids that keep asking about the growing baby! It is seriously the cutest thing. Peter is fascinating to learn about the baby’s development and keeps asking to watch the weekly progress videos you can find online. He loves to feel the kicks and tells me what he is going to help with when the baby arrives. The other day, he put together a pile of his old baby books that he wanted to give to his new brother. Peter also keeps telling me that he has a baby growing inside him and he move his belly forward and say “it kicked, mama!” And then we have Caroline that is a total baby lover and keeps telling me how she is going to take care of the baby and hold the baby. Yikes, I’ll have to be careful that she doesn’t grab him out of the bassinet when I turn my back for a second 😉

Q: How have you been feeling?

A: I’ve been feel pretty good! I really can’t complain, because earlier in the pregnancy I didn’t have any morning sickness. Just fatigue in the first trimester and now in the third trimester, I’m starting to feel quite big and I’m ready to put my feet up at the end of the day, haha. But I suppose that comes with the territory. I should be eating better, but with the kids around I find myself nibbling on their leftover “kid food” often, and I’m having more carbs than greens lately… eek! I’m trying to counteract this with my cardio tennis class, Dailey Method, pilates, and walking.

Q: What is the worst thing about your pregnancy so far?

A: My varicose veins! They are out of control this pregnancy. I didn’t have much the first two pregnancies, but this time around is another story. I knew this was going to happen given my mom had to get hers removed. So I’ve just been wearing a lot of maxi dresses this summer.

Q: What kind of strange cravings have you had this pregnancy?

A: This is pretty embarrassing, but I have been craving chocolate milk! I know that is totally a little kid drink and for some reason I’m obsessed, haha. I’ll grab a small bottle at the store or I’ve even made it at home. And of course I’m craving sushi too. I can’t wait to get a hamachi roll and tuna tartare when the baby arrives!

Q: Are you prepared for baby #3?

A: Well I’m not sure you can ever be totally prepared, but I’m getting there. I just ordered mini diapers, started going through Peter’s old newborn clothes, and I’m starting to simply my schedule for the new year. I know I’ll be very busy juggling the three kids throughout the day.

What I need to do now is work on the little boy’s nursery, but right now it is our guest room. We have family coming in to town around the baby’s birth and Christmas, so I’m thinking I’ll leave the room as is until late January. For the first month or two, the baby will sleep in our room.

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2 thoughts on “Third Trimester Pregnancy Update

  1. Emily says:

    Hi Marina! Loved this post! Just curious if you don’t mind me asking…do you use any home workout DVDs for your Pilates, yoga or Dailey Method? If so…any you can recommend? (prenatal or regular!)

    • lapetiteplum says:

      Hi Emily! Thanks for reaching out! I actually haven’t bought any recent DVDs for at home, but I know there are a lot of good ones out there! Have you tried just searching on YouTube for workouts that sound exciting to you? I have done some of Amy’s Body Fit workouts. She has a prenatal pilates that is quick if you are short on time. On and in the past, I liked Gunnar Peterson’s workouts. Typically though, I just use the pilates reformer at home since I took several years of studio classes or go to a Dailey Method class (since they have childcare). Good luck and let me know how it goes!

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