Baby & Toddler Girl Fall Essentials with Gap Kids

  1. Floral dress
  2. Smocked dress
  3. Moccasins
  4. Bear hoodie
  5. Pom pom hat
  6. Woven collar one-piece
  7. Floral shirt
  8. Denim flutter jumper
  9. Bow peacoat
  10. Jeggings
  11. Velour leggings
  1. Denim jumper
  2. Crochet collar ribbed shirt
  3. Puffer parka
  4. Pom pom hat
  5. Chambray shirt
  6. Cable knit tights
  7. Cozy boots
  8. Cable knit mittens
  9. Stripe ruffle sweater
  10. Cable knit ruffle sweater
  11. Print bell sleeve dress

Gap Kids is probably my favorite retailer when it comes to looking for basic and essential items for my little kids. The clothes tend to be affordable (especially when you get 40% off most days – look for a code on their website!) and can often be paired with higher end products to complete a look.  They are also good for preschool days when you know paint and sand are going to land on them 😉  That said, you do have to pick through a lot of items to find what you are looking for, so hopefully I did that for you this season! Let me know if you’d want me to do this for boys too!



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