Baby & Toddler Boy Fall Essentials with Gap Kids

  1. Cable knit sweater
  2. Quilted toggle vest
  3. Waffle-knit bodysuit
  4. Henley bodysuit
  5. Cable knit beanie
  6. Cable knit sweater one-piece
  7. Waffle-knit pants
  8. Gray One-piece
  9. Flannel-lined jeans
  10. Moccasins
  11. Quilted chambray one-piece
  1. Toggle Coat
  2. Waffle Tee
  3. Fleece mittens
  4. Buffalo plaid shirt
  5. Long sleeve polo shirt
  6. Jersey joggers
  7. Chambray shirt
  8. Cable knit sweater
  9. Pull-on slim jeans
  10. Ribbed socks
  11. Duck boots
  12. Flannel-lined jeans

After creating my product collage boards for Baby & Toddler Girls, I received requests for a boy version… so here you go! Happy shopping and make sure you use the discount code on top of’s page. Today it is ALLGOOD, but tomorrow it may be something else! What’s fun about these options is that you can coordinate your baby and tot if you have two boys!



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