Jack’s Birth Story

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Swaddle blanket: Little Giraffe | Moses basket: RH Baby & Child | Moses basket stand: RH Baby & Child

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Baby Jack’s one-piece: Ralph Lauren | Caroline’s top: Zara (old, but similar style here) | headband: Emery Peter’s sweater: Janie and Jack (old, but similar color here) | Peter’s jeans: Ralph Lauren


Jack’s shirt and pants: Monica and Andy | Moccasins: Freshly Picked


Jack’s quilted one-piece: Janie and Jack (on sale!)


Photo by Marena Beck Photography

Sweater: J.Crew (old, but similar color here and here – both are on sale!) | White jeans: J Brand

I seriously can’t even believe it has already been a month with our little Jack! He is a total a dream baby, and I can’t imagine life without him. I can’t wait to share more about his routine and his mini milestones in my next blog post! My older two kids, Caroline and Peter, have adjusted well to him being part of our family, and life is even better than I expected (despite this freezing cold Chicago winter that has kept us inside for many days)! Once Jack gets his 2 months shots, we might be hightailing it out of here for some much needed sunshine 😉

Below I’m sharing part I of the one month update with baby Jack! I figured it makes sense to split it into two posts, so you aren’t reading a novel. Oh wait, this is already a novel, haha. Today I’m sharing Jack’s birth story.

Jack’s Birth Story

December 16th, 2017 was the most perfect day for Jack’s arrival, and I couldn’t have asked for an easier delivery! We were so thrilled to have gone full term with our third pregnancy, and without having any complications. I felt so positive going into the hospital that morning and just knew it was going to be a good day. Jack Alexander Kazin was born at 4:31 in the afternoon, weighing 8 pounds 2 ounces and measuring 21.25 inches long. Our hearts are exploding with love for all three of our wonderful children, and now our family is complete!

After 1.5 false alarms, we decided to schedule an induction on December 16th, so I could line my mom up to be there for help with the other two kids (such peace of mind), and so we could make sure that the baby wasn’t born on Peter’s birthday (December 18th, 2013). I say 1.5 false alarms, because the second false alarm was triggered by the stomach bug, which was not my fault… right?! For the first false alarm time, I truly thought I was going into labor. It was after playing cardio tennis during my 38th week… probably not my smartest idea (but all prior weeks of playing, I had felt good). I didn’t feel right after running for those short balls, and started having contractions every 2-3 minutes and a lot of pelvic pain that day. Turns out my contractions weren’t causing that much cervical change and my contractions slowed down after about 12 hours. Of course they sent me home from the hospital, and I had to embarrassingly tell our sitter it wasn’t the real deal after making her rush over with a packed bag ready to spend the night.

The second false alarm came on the evening of December 12th while I was getting sick from the dreaded stomach bug. I was losing so much liquid that dehydration was kicking in and causing me to contract like crazy! Thank goodness I listened to the doctor on call and got the necessary hydration via IV, so I didn’t cause labor when I was so weak. Of course we come home from the hospital around 3am, send home our sitter (again), take a shower, and wake up to Caroline (2 years old) running down the hall throwing up with the same stomach bug. This was after Peter had also had the stomach bug the day before. Needless to say there was lots of bedding laundry and carpet cleaning to be done leading up to our Saturday induction date. Oh and my husband also got the bug on Thursday.

Okay so now that all those false alarms were out of the way, I could prep for the real deal 😉 I asked my mom to fly in a couple days earlier than planned for the holidays, so she could help with Peter and Caroline and allow my husband and I to focus all of our efforts on the new baby coming and not be worried about our other two. I’m so thankful that my mom was able to come to the rescue and it gave me such peace of mind knowing she was with the kids!

On the morning of December 16th, I woke up at 5:20am, so we could be at the hospital by 6:00am. Some of you may have seen the Instagram picture of me in front of the Christmas tree with my last baby bump! It was dark out when we drove to the hospital and all the Christmas lights were on… it was simply gorgeous.

At the hospital, they could not have been more capable, relaxed and kind. We had the best nurse helping us out that morning, and she made me feel so comfortable. They got me all hocked up to IV (my least favorite part) and started the Pitocin. I came in around 3 cm dilated and was already contracting, but it still took a long time for them to get the Pitocin level high enough to really get things going. Supposedly there are regulations on how quickly you can increase the Pitocin dosage. Also, my body loves to contract regularly, even though it might not cause cervical change. Once my cervix did finally start changing, my contractions were still feeling the same as the braxton hicks, so I still think I wouldn’t have know if I was in true labor or not. I kept waiting for the painful contractions to come on. Mine were just pressure-filled. At around 5 cm dilated, my doctor came in and told me it was a good time to break the water bag, but before she did that, she wanted me to get my epidural. I felt like it seemed early, but she reassured me that it was a good thing. So of course, I said, sure and it all went pretty quick after that!

Right after they broke the water bag, they had me switch to lying on my right hand side. This was not a good move as the baby’s heart rate immediately dropped. Calmly, but quickly the nurse and doctor turned off the Pitocin, helped me turn back to my left hand side and gave me an oxygen mask. I knew something was up and it scared me a little bit, but I tried to just have faith in the doctors and stay relaxed. We later found out the cord was wrapped around the baby’s neck and when I moved over, it must have pulled too tight!

About 5-10 minutes after I went back to lying on my left side and they got everything stabalized, I started feeling the sensation that I was ready to push! I dilated from 5 to 10 cm so fast!! I had my husband retrieve the doctor and when she came back in, her words were “this baby is ready to come out!” After one contraction of pushing, with a quick stop in the middle to cut the cord that was wrapped around his neck… our baby boy entered this world! I immediately got to hold our bundle of joy and it felt totally surreal.

Over the next couple hours we enjoyed skin-to-skin time, nursing, and all those early baby snuggles. It was absolutely blissful and such a luxury/blessing to have a healthy baby that could spend time with us before heading off to the nursery for his routine check-up/bath.

We were so anxious to get our baby back from the nursery, that I kept having my husband go check on him to ask why it was taking so long 😉 After a not so restful night in the hospital (nurses coming in and out and those yucky self-adjusting plastic mattresses), my husband and I decided to get home as soon as we could to join the rest of our family and my parents.

About 24 hours after Jack arrived, we were fortunately released to go home… just in time for Sunday dinner with the family. Even more exciting was that I was able to be home and wake up the next day for Peter’s 4th birthday. We have a fun tradition of waking up the birthday boy/girl in bed while singing Happy Birthday and carrying a tray full of presents. Boy did it feel amazing to be home with have our family together! I can’t wait to share more with you over the next year and let you know how we continue to adjust to being a family of five!!

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