Seasonal Closet Clean Up


Spring came super late this year in Chicago, so we’ve been holding onto those winter items until just last week! When the weather forecast finally started to show some improvement, I jumped at the chance to organize Caroline’s closet. I try to do this about once a season. It’s also a good time to take an inventory check on what I need to shop for.

Oh and before you think I have a major shopping problem (only a minor one, haha), you should know that most of these items are hand-me-downs from a good friend or they are dresses from last summer that still fit 😉 The good thing about little girls is that even if the dress start getting a tiny bit short… they usually work for a couple seasons. I suppose with little boys, you can usually get them to wear the same shorts two years in a row as long as the waist is forgiving.

So none of this is rocket science, but here are my tips when going through your kids’ closets. Like I said, I suggest doing this once a season or at least twice a year. Also, if your child (daughter) is anything like Caroline, she is getting into all her clothes and trying 30 outfits on a day. It’s been driving me crazy to see her come downstairs wearing a summer dress with a Christmas sweater and mittens. My closet clean up has definitely mitigated this a bit!

  • Organize apparel and review sizing once a season
    • Pull out anything that is in the wrong color palette or wrong material weight for the season. For example, I just got rid of all the winter colors and heavy dresses/tops and replaced them with spring/summer colors and light-weight items.
    • If you find a pair of pants or a shirt that is too small (body or sleeve length) use that as a marker to pull out all the items that are the same size or smaller.
      • Once you have removed items, put them into piles before just packing them away.
  • Sort pulled items
    • If too small…
      • If you plan to have another baby or have another child growing into these clothes, keep the ones you know you’ll want to use again
      • Do your best to donate any clothes you really can’t see yourself putting another child in (i.e. maybe the clothes are looking a little tired or have food stains on them.)
      • If you aren’t having another child, go through and save any pieces (usually baby items) that you want to give to your child down the road when they are having their own babies! Start putting together that baby keepsake box if you haven’t already! And of course, donate the rest or find a friend who wants your hand-me-downs 🙂
    • If you think the item may fit next year for the correct season… put it in the keep pile – fold it up and store it away until the weather changes.
  • Take inventory
    • Scan through your child’s wardrobe and reflect on what needs to be added either when it comes to items or colors
      • Here are some sample questions to ask yourself for spring/summer… does your child have:
        • a basic white top to go with everything?
        • sandals and beach shoes that fit?
        • a formal outfit for Mother’s Day or an upcoming special occasion?
        • outfits that make sense for camp or park playdates?
        • bottoms they can easily take off if they need quick access to the bathroom at summer camp? I like these drawstring shorts for Peter. He still hates dealing with zippers and buttons when I’m not around 😉
        • a lightweight coat or cardigan for layering?
        • coordinating outfits across your childrens’ wardrobes (if you like doing that)?
  • General organization
    • For my kids, I find it is easiest to hang tops/dresses and put pants/shorts, pajamas, underwear/socks, and bathing suits in drawers or baskets. I like how you can see the tops easily and flip through them without making a big mess.
    • I like these hangers from Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Hopefully this will help speed up the morning routine and declutter your closets!

You can shop some of Caroline’s summer dresses:



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