“The Skinny” on the BBG Workout Program

^ Week 8 when I noticed by butt looking more sculpted and perkier, haha 😉

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^ A sample of what the workouts look like on your phone

I have received a ton of questions about the workout program I have been doing, so here is a Q&A about BBG! Let me know what you think!

[Disclaimer: As always, keep in mind that I’m just a regular mom and I know my body is FAR from perfect. I just hope this gives you some inspiration or at least more information about the BBG program.]

What program did you just complete?

I just completed the 12 week BBG 1.0 program through the SWEAT app (on my phone). It has definitely been the hardest continuous workout program that I have ever done in my life!! I stuck to it well and only missed one resistance workout the whole time! Each week you are expected to complete three 28 minute resistance workouts, broken up into legs, arms and abs. There is the option to complete an additional three days of cardio and two sessions of recovery stretching. They also have a meal program you can follow. I personally only did the resistance and cardio portions, which meant I was working out six days a week.

When did you start BBG post baby?

I started BBG seven weeks after having Jack. I really wanted to make sure I had doctor clearance before starting an intense resistance program that I had never tried before. However, I did easy to moderate workouts starting at three weeks post baby, which was a nice way to ease me back into feeling a little more ready for BBG. BBG totally kicked my butt the first week! No joke… I couldn’t even do the burpees and sit ups. But by week three, I was able to do all the reps! It’s amazing how fast your body can gain strength!!

What results have you seen?

I have lost about 6 pounds, which doesn’t seem like much for all the hard work I have been doing! BUT… that said, muscle weighs more than fat! Right? 😉 In general I notice my body being more toned and feeling stronger. I also noticed that my face looks a little leaner. I started to see toning around week 8. I still have a ways to go and could do a lot more, but feel confident where I’m at right now!

What are the pros and cons of BBG?

In my opinion, here are the pros and cons…


  • You can do it all from your home with your kids around or napping (a major plus that you don’t have to pay for a sitter or belong to a gym). Or sometimes I would do it at 10:30 p.m. after putting the kids to bed, cleaning the kitchen and house etc… I know that sounds crazy, but as a mom you do what you have to do to get it done!
  • This is a workout that really makes you sweat and burn calories! It’s intense, but doable with the resistance program only being 28 minutes, 3 times a week.
  • You can do it anytime of the day versus having to go to a class at a certain, perhaps inconvenient, time for you and your kids’ schedules.
  • You get results fast! And feel stronger after 2 weeks! It’s impressive to feel yourself doing things you couldn’t do just a week ago.
  • I like that they offer alternatives to the challenging reps.


  • You have to be somewhat self motivated because the work outs are hard and you may not always feel like getting your butt kicked!
  • The workout is high intensity which is great! I love sweating but some women might view it as a con that you likely need to shower after working out and rushing out of the house. It’s definitely not one of those workouts that you can jump into a cute dress right after and meet your friends for lunch 😉
  • With the high intensity comes high impact. By that I mean there is a lot of jumping and a lot of push ups. This can be hard on your knees and wrists. If you find it to be too much, you can always modify. For example, if the push ups are tough, try knee push ups, and if by the end of the workout, knee push ups are even too tough… switch to bench chest press with your knees in a tabletop for one set. At least you are doing something!

Outside of the three weekly resistance trainings, what did you do for the weekly “cardio” goals?

My cardio consisted of walks/jogs, my weekly “cardio tennis” class, my “power cardio pilates” class, elliptical training, or sprints/hill running if I was feeling super zealous.

What is your overall opinion of BBG 1.0?

I do like the program and would recommend it to someone that wants to see fast results, is motivated to stick with it (perhaps do it with friends to keep you more accountable!), and can handle a high impact workout. I probably would not recommend the program to a friend that has a prior knee injury because all the jumping may be a lot on their knees!

What do you plan to do next?

I’m going to take a short break from BBG, and focus on running and pilates for a couple weeks before I start BBG Stronger or PWR (Power), which both can be found in the SWEAT app. What about you?! I’d love to hear what workouts you find effective!



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