Jack’s 9 Month Update

Jack’s Outfit: Burberry (it’s peter’s old outfit, but here is something similar)

Chair: Serena & Lily

Wallpaper: Cole & Son

Crib: Natart

Crib Sheet: RH Baby & Child

How is our little guy already so old?! His first year is going by waaaay too fast and I’m already starting to miss those baby snuggles! I know everyone says that but the more kids you have, the faster is goes!

That said, I’m loving his darling personality that comes out more and more! Lately he has been giving the best hugs and kisses and wants to play nonstop with Peter and Caroline.  He chases them all over the house and has major FOMO when it comes to nap time. He really just wants to nap with all of us around him and hates to be alone in his crib during the day.  He sure is one busy bee lately, but thank goodness he sleeps 7pm-7am everyday! I can already tell he is into everything boy… he is super into trucks/cars/balls/anything that moves. Jack is one happy-go-lucky tough cookie and the perfect addition to our crazy, little family!

You all sent me so many good questions and I think I’ve answered hem below, but if not, leave a comment.


  • Fast crawling
  • Climbing up the stairs
  • Cruising along furniture
  • Using a walker or anything that doubles as a walker (i.e. chairs, diaper pail, etc)
  • Working on that pincer grasp, but feeding is still very very messy! I think he loves making messes and smashing his food all around 😉
  • Clapping
  • Playing peek-a-boo
  • Hugging
  • Giving kisses on command and spontaneously
  • Loves feeding me (or Caroline) and makes a cute “yumm/mmm” noise as he puts the food in my mouth
  • Trying to play catch or rolling balls
  • Babbling a ton
  • Loving his baths/swimming and wants to splash around in every drop of water he sees (including the toilet!! eek!)


No joke… Jack is huge!! He is 31 inches and in the high 90th percentiles for height, weight, and of course head circumference, which he definitely gets from me, haha! I need him to start walking or holding onto me better when I carry him, because I think my right shoulder is going to give out. I never had this with Caroline because she held on so well like a little monkey! But I suppose that was all together different, since she walked at 9 months and was much lighter 😉


Jack is such a good eater and will consume almost everything I put in front of him. However, about a month ago he stopped wanting me to spoon feed him. I’m sure you have all been here at some point, but he kept flailing his arms, and trying to bat the spoon away. I was losing that battle too often, so obviously I’ve completely switched over to finger foods at this point and can occasionally give him a pouch to eat from on his own.

His favorite finger foods are: broccoli, carrots, blueberries, bananas, strawberries, avocado, quiche, scrambled eggs, waffles, cheese (especially these mini mozzarella balls), chicken, fish (halibut!), grilled ham & cheese, pasta and cheeseburgers!

Before this whole spoon issue, he used to love mashed bananas with peanut butter, flax oatmeal, greek yogurt with fruit, and pureed chicken noddle soup.


7 AM wake up and 6 oz bottle

8 AM breakfast with big kids

(8:45 AM take the big kids to preschool, Peter goes everyday, Caroline 3 days. Usually Jack and I head to tennis, mommy & me or some other type of errand or exercise walk/jog at this time.)

10 AM 6 oz bottle*

10:30 AM first nap (usually on the go)

(11:15 pick up big kids from preschool, most days, but certain days they stay longer with enrichment.)

12 PM lunch

1 PM 6 oz bottle

2 PM second nap (this is still a work in progress since he lately only wants to nap on the go. His crib naps are about 15 minutes long, ugh. So some days he might get a little fussy in the afternoon and usually I just try to get all of us out on a walk or head out for an activity at that point. I can’t complain too much because he always sleeps through the night.)

4 PM 6 oz bottle

5:30 PM family dinner

6:30 PM last 6 oz bottle

6:45 PM bath time (every other day)

7:00 5-minute bedtime routine and asleep without a peep 😉

* Over the next month I’m going to transition him down to four 8 oz bottles a day instead of five 6 oz bottles. I’m also going to work towards one longer nap midday after he turns one year old. I noticed that when I pushed his 9am nap to 10 and then 10:30, he slept much longer vs doing three mini cat naps a day.


Walker: VTech

Straw Cup: Munchkin (I like that this one makes them work hard for the water to increase oral motor strength)

Sippy Cup: Nuk

Bib: Oxo Tot

High Chair: Oxo Tot

Sleep Sack: Swaddle Designs and Margaux & May

Carseat: Peg Perego (just moved him into this!)





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