Jack’s 9 Month Update

Jack’s Outfit: Burberry (it’s peter’s old outfit, but here is something similar)

Chair: Serena & Lily

Wallpaper: Cole & Son

Crib: Natart

Crib Sheet: RH Baby & Child

How is our little guy already so old?! His first year is going by waaaay too fast and I’m already starting to miss those baby snuggles! I know everyone says that but the more kids you have, the faster is goes!

That said, I’m loving his darling personality that comes out more and more! Lately he has been giving the best hugs and kisses and wants to play nonstop with Peter and Caroline.  He chases them all over the house and has major FOMO when it comes to nap time. He really just wants to nap with all of us around him and hates to be alone in his crib during the day.  He sure is one busy bee lately, but thank goodness he sleeps 7pm-7am everyday! I can already tell he is into everything boy… he is super into trucks/cars/balls/anything that moves. Jack is one happy-go-lucky tough cookie and the perfect addition to our crazy, little family!

You all sent me so many good questions and I think I’ve answered hem below, but if not, leave a comment.


  • Fast crawling
  • Climbing up the stairs
  • Cruising along furniture
  • Using a walker or anything that doubles as a walker (i.e. chairs, diaper pail, etc)
  • Working on that pincer grasp, but feeding is still very very messy! I think he loves making messes and smashing his food all around 😉
  • Clapping
  • Playing peek-a-boo
  • Hugging
  • Giving kisses on command and spontaneously
  • Loves feeding me (or Caroline) and makes a cute “yumm/mmm” noise as he puts the food in my mouth
  • Trying to play catch or rolling balls
  • Babbling a ton
  • Loving his baths/swimming and wants to splash around in every drop of water he sees (including the toilet!! eek!)


No joke… Jack is huge!! He is 31 inches and in the high 90th percentiles for height, weight, and of course head circumference, which he definitely gets from me, haha! I need him to start walking or holding onto me better when I carry him, because I think my right shoulder is going to give out. I never had this with Caroline because she held on so well like a little monkey! But I suppose that was all together different, since she walked at 9 months and was much lighter 😉


Jack is such a good eater and will consume almost everything I put in front of him. However, about a month ago he stopped wanting me to spoon feed him. I’m sure you have all been here at some point, but he kept flailing his arms, and trying to bat the spoon away. I was losing that battle too often, so obviously I’ve completely switched over to finger foods at this point and can occasionally give him a pouch to eat from on his own.

His favorite finger foods are: broccoli, carrots, blueberries, bananas, strawberries, avocado, quiche, scrambled eggs, waffles, cheese (especially these mini mozzarella balls), chicken, fish (halibut!), grilled ham & cheese, pasta and cheeseburgers!

Before this whole spoon issue, he used to love mashed bananas with peanut butter, flax oatmeal, greek yogurt with fruit, and pureed chicken noddle soup.


7 AM wake up and 6 oz bottle

8 AM breakfast with big kids

(8:45 AM take the big kids to preschool, Peter goes everyday, Caroline 3 days. Usually Jack and I head to tennis, mommy & me or some other type of errand or exercise walk/jog at this time.)

10 AM 6 oz bottle*

10:30 AM first nap (usually on the go)

(11:15 pick up big kids from preschool, most days, but certain days they stay longer with enrichment.)

12 PM lunch

1 PM 6 oz bottle

2 PM second nap (this is still a work in progress since he lately only wants to nap on the go. His crib naps are about 15 minutes long, ugh. So some days he might get a little fussy in the afternoon and usually I just try to get all of us out on a walk or head out for an activity at that point. I can’t complain too much because he always sleeps through the night.)

4 PM 6 oz bottle

5:30 PM family dinner

6:30 PM last 6 oz bottle

6:45 PM bath time (every other day)

7:00 5-minute bedtime routine and asleep without a peep 😉

* Over the next month I’m going to transition him down to four 8 oz bottles a day instead of five 6 oz bottles. I’m also going to work towards one longer nap midday after he turns one year old. I noticed that when I pushed his 9am nap to 10 and then 10:30, he slept much longer vs doing three mini cat naps a day.


Walker: VTech

Straw Cup: Munchkin (I like that this one makes them work hard for the water to increase oral motor strength)

Sippy Cup: Nuk

Bib: Oxo Tot

High Chair: Oxo Tot

Sleep Sack: Swaddle Designs and Margaux & May

Carseat: Peg Perego (just moved him into this!)





A Stylish & Functional Accessory

IMG_7319IMG_8449IMG_8463IMG_7318IMG_8453IMG_8460IMG_8441IMG_7225IMG_7206IMG_7213IMG_7236 2IMG_7202IMG_7212IMG_7227

Sunglasses: Toucca Kids (use code “lapetiteplum15” for 15% off and free shipping!) | Swimsuit: Minnow Swim (sold out, but similar styles here and here) | Pullover: Vineyard Vines | Jeans: Ralph Lauren (similar style here and on sale!) | Rain boots: Hunter

Peter is all about his new shades and wouldn’t take them off on our Cabo vacation! Aren’t they so cute though?! Peter is wearing the “Blonde Havana Brandon Wayfarer.”

Sunglasses can often be the forgotten (yet functional) accessory for kids! And I truly cannot say enough great things about these Toucca Kids sunglasses. They are made of the highest quality and definitely passed Peter’s durability test as he dragged them through the sandy beaches of Cabo 😉 I urge you to read why the founders of Toucca Kids, Jason and Helen, had the idea of starting a kids’ sunglass company… it is so sweet! I’m sure like me, you can relate with their desire to research every baby product out there to find the very best for their son.

I also wanted to point out that their glasses are polarized, offer 100% UVA/UVB protection, and have shatter/scratch-resistant lenses. It’s such peace of mind knowing your kid’s eyes are getting the proper sun protection they need.

Toucca Kids is kindly offering 15% off and free shipping to my followers when you use the code “lapetiteplum15”. So go check out their full collection! I know you won’t be disappointed.



Rejuvenate for Spring!


Photos by: Marena Beck Photography

Our winter has been really harsh this year, so I’m all about rejuvenating myself before spring officially arrives! Here are some of my favorite products to bring life back into your skin and hair. Let me know your must-haves to get you through the winter!


Face lotion (or this) – both of these lotions go on so smoothly and instantly hydrate your face

Lip conditioner – this is great for out and about when you want a little color with a chapstick-like feel

Lip balm – I apply this to my lips every morning and night after brushing my teeth, and it keeps them feeling hydrated without being too “goopy”


Hand lotion – this lotion soaks in quickly and doesn’t leave your hands feeling oily

Heel/foot treatment cream – this treatment is perfect for those cracky winter heels


Shampoo & Conditioner – ultra-hydrating

Treatments – if your hair is dry and brittle from the winter, try this!

Leave-in conditioner – I use this every time after washing my hair to detangle it and prep it for blow drying

Hair Dryer – this dryer is super fast and gives your hair lightweight volume

Curling iron – I have noticed my hair is much healthier after switching to his curling iron




Snowed In, Again


^ Peter, February 2018


^ Peter, March 2017

Half zip sweater: Ralph Lauren (this one for baby sizes)| Teepee: Pottery Barn Kids (similar style here) | My First Anywhere Chair: Pottery Barn Kids

This is a bit of a repeat from last winter, but with many new followers this year and over a foot of snow outside… I decided to repost my “snowed in” post again.

Snow days can be so much fun, but they can also drag on with little kids that can’t be outside for too long. Here are my favorite indoor activities to do with my little ones on a snowy or dreary day. They are perfect to keep the kids entertained, get them moving, and teach them something new.

  • Set up an indoor campsite – You can do this by setting up tee pee or building a fort out of pillows. What kid doesn’t want to go camping in their family room?! You can make up fun stories to tell them inside the tent, and then later send them out to find make-believe firewood to keep you all warm and food to eat. It’s fun to see what they come up with when you ask them to go hunting for food and berries. If all else fails, the kids will love hiding in the tent with you lifting up different flaps and peaking through the windows.
  • Create an obstacle course – Get some of their energy out by setting up an obstacle course in a big carpeted room. Have your little ones climb over a pillow hill, army crawl throw a tunnel, go down the slide, weave through cones, and step up a big box and jump off it. Have a little competition and encourage the kids to count while the other ones completes the course.
  • Bake banana bread – Banana bread is a delicious cold weather treat and who doesn’t have  overripe bananas around, so why not bake with your kids. Toddlers love to smash the bananas, measure out the ingredients with scooping and dumping and of course… sample the dough. You can add chocolate chips to make it even more decadent.
  • Take a dip in the “indoor pool” – Change up your nighttime bath routine, and put the kids in midday for some swimming practice and bubble blowing. And if you want to get crazy, bust out the bathtub crayons for some artistic fun in the bathtub! Just be careful they understand that they cannot draw on walls and that those are special crayons that can only be used on the tub.
  • Play Simon says – This might only buy you 10 minutes, but it could be a lifesaver when you need your stir crazy kids to sit still during the evening witching hour. My kids find it hilarious when they get tricked and do something without me saying “Simon says” first. And then they try to trick me 😉
  • Get help with your household chores – As moms, we typically have a lengthy to do list. Why not employ your kids and make it a fun game for them? You’ll be surprised how they love sorting laundry by color and enjoy taking laundry out of washer and putting it into dryer. Give them a mini dust pan and brush and have them help you clean the floor by going on a crumb hunt.  Try having your little ones help you unload the dishwasher, starting with the non-breakable kids’ plates and cups of course!
  • Play restaurant – See what kind of fun concoctions your kids come up with when feeding you. Pretending to be at a restaurant, is a fun way to work on those manners, while introducing how to converse with a waitress or waiter.
  • Make a homemade bagel bird feeder – With just a few ingredients your little tots can make this bird feeder for those poor birds that have a tougher time finding food when it’s snowing. Hang it from a tree, and then go back inside to watch the birds (or squirrels) flock to the tasty treat your little ones created.



My Must Have Pre- & Post-natal Products


Belly wrap: Belly Bandit | Pom pom hat: J.Crew | Ivory cashmere sweater: Nordstrom (old, but similar style here – on sale!) | Skinny jeans: Rag & Bone | Winter boots: Helly Hansen (old, but similar style here and here)

Happy New Year and cheers to 2018! I can already tell it is going to be a wonderful year!!

With baby Jack being two weeks old now, I figured I better start blogging again 😉 Thanks for being understanding as we enjoyed our family of five over the holidays and took it easy! Today I’m sharing my prenatal and postnatal must have products. Soon, I’ll also share some of my maternity style must haves. Feel free to ask me any questions!


Prenatal vitamins (I am still taking them while nursing!)

Stretch mark prevention lotion (I also recommend using the lotion postnatal for a few weeks)

Natural facial scrub (This works well if you have any unwanted hormonal changes, but need something safe for the baby.)


Belly wrap (For sizing reference, I used a medium in the first 10 days or so, and then I switched over to a small. Keep in mind that I have pre-stretched these in the other two pregnancies, haha.)

Pads (I know this is TMI, but it’s reality and who wants to feel like they are wearing a thick diaper… try these thin ones!)

Pajamas that make nursing easier (here and here)

Nursing pillow

Breast pump (Very convenient when you have older kids to chase after during the day and don’t want to be hocked up to a plug!)

Pumping bra

Nighttime nursing bra

Daytime nursing bra

Nursing tank top

Nursing cover (different styles here and here)

Nursing pads (You’ll want these at night, so you don’t wake up with wet pajamas!)




Holiday Gift Guide For Men

  1. Half zip pull-over: Nordstrom
  2. Sphere ice molds: Williams Sonoma
  3. Secret wash button-down: J.Crew (25% off with code THURSDAY)
  4. Magnetic collar stays: Würkin Stiffs
  5. Quilted gloves: Ralph Lauren (on sale + an additional 30% off with code JOY)
  6. Bar tool set: Williams Sonoma
  7. Thermapen: Thermoworks
  8. BBQ tool set: Williams Sonoma
  9. Sweatpants: Bonobos
  10. Quilted Jacket: Peter Millar
  11. Canvas & leather belt: Peter Millar
  12. Pocket organizer: Salvatore Ferragamo
  13. Wine System: Coravin (20% off with code FRIENDS)

I hope you find this holiday gift guide for men (think husbands, brothers, dads…) helpful! My husband already owns several of these items, so I know they are tried and true! He swears by the magnetic collar stays (could be a stocking stuffer), and uses his Thermapen and BBQ tool set whenever I ask him to grill. The Thermapen is seriously amazing with its instant read, and helps us to not overcook anything.

Also, your husband will look really cool when he shows off his new Coravin wine system to guests, or makes them an old fashioned drink with the proper ice spheres! Another benefit of the Coravin wine system is that you snag one glass of wine with dinner (without opening the whole bottle) on those nights when your hubby just wants a beer… so basically it is a gift for both of you 😉



New Products for Baby #3!

  1. Thermometer: Kinsa (I LOVE this thermometer! It is so easy to use with the smiley/sad face, and fun for the older kids to interact with!)
  2. Smart Sock: Owlet Care (This would have been so helpful with our first born son, Peter, because he was premature. I remember coming home from the NICU after a 2.5 week stay, and missing all the monitors to tell me that my little angel was safely sleeping.)
  3. Changing Station: Skip Hop
  4. Bassient: Snoo (35% off for the brand’s 1st birthday!)
  5. Bath Tub Support: Angelcare
  6. Tote organizer: ToteSavvy
  7. High Chair: OXO Tot
  8. Infant Car Seat: Nuna Pipa Lite
  9. Docking Sleeping Station: DockATot

So I started to review which baby products I needed to pull out of our storage room with the arrival of #3 coming… and it got me thinking about all the fun, innovative products that are now on the market. There are so many new inventions since we had Peter almost 4 years ago! It’s truly amazing! One thing I am super excited about is this lighter carseat (only 5.3 pounds)!! This is a definite must when I’ll be also carting around a 2 year old, 4 year old, and diaper bag.

I’m trying to convince my hubby that it is worth testing out the new Snoo bassinet! It sounds incredible and is also the safest bassinet on the market!! What do you think? It says risk free trial and it is 35% off right now!

Here are some other tried and true products that I’ll be using…

Rock ‘n Play Sleeper (particularly helpful if your baby has reflux and needs to sleep upright)


Solly Wrap



Breast Pump (I love that you can walk around while pumping! Because if you have more than one kid, you know that you won’t have the luxury of sitting still while pumping!)

Boppy Pillow

Infant Bath Sink Insert

Play Mat

Baby Bouncer (Super easy to pack up and lays flat, which makes it perfect for taking over to friends’ houses for dinner parties, etc.)

Travel Crib (I used this at home all the time with the other kids, so not just for travel.)

Diaper Pail

I can’t wait for our little guy to get here! What are your favorite baby products at the moment?



Tea Party!


Paris nightgown: Pottery Barn Kids (on sale and also in pink) | Tea set: Pottery Barn Kids (similar style here or here; for older girls – here) | Petit four toys: HABA (similar style here) | Plush lamb: Pottery Barn Kids

With these cooler Chicago temperatures, I’ve been doing my best to keep this little one busy and out of trouble… which means, I need to get creative and find new indoor activities! Although I bought this tea party set a while ago, Caroline is finally the right age (26 months) to play pretend with her lamb and have a tea party. Judging from the smiles, I think we may need to have weekly tea parties 😉

Thinking a little ahead… a tea party set makes for a great Christmas gift!

Also, can we talk about this darling nightgown?! It is the sweetest little Parisian pattern from Pottery Barn Kids. Caroline started twirling around the moment I put it on her! I’m tempted to buy it for her in the pink pattern too.




Getting Ready for Baby Boy!

  1. Collared coverall: Tartine et Chocolat
  2. Muslim swaddle blankets (2 pack): Bébé au Lait
  3. Quilted one-piece: Janie and Jack (on sale!)
  4. Luxe baby blanket: Little Giraffe
  5. Smocked footie: Magnolia Baby
  6. Bear hoodie: Baby Gap
  7. Striped footie: Kissy Kissy
  8. Knit pants: Baby Gap
  9. Cotton footie: Burberry
  10. Gray coverall: Jacadi
  11. Debut set: Beaufort Bonnet Company

Here is some of my favorite baby boy layette! I have already bought several of these items for our little one that will be arriving in December, and I plan to get the rest soon 😉

I love that many of these items would be a perfect baby shower gift too!



Yogurt Painting


Table: Pottery Barn Kids | Paint brushes: Melissa & Doug | Paint: Homemade 😉

This morning, Peter and Caroline definitely enjoyed getting a little messy with some outdoor painting. And the best part is that the paint was edible… yogurt! Notice Caroline is having a taste in this last picture.

It’s such a simply recipe and activity that anyone can do. And it’s great for babies/young tots too, because you can make it finger painting fun in a high chair. That way you don’t have to worry about them running around with messy hands. The clean up is fairly painless and if they sneak a taste, you really don’t mind. It’s also a great play date group activity!

Yogurt Painting Instructions:

  • Ingredients
    • 1 large container of vanilla or plan yogurt (greek yogurt makes a thicker consistency than regular yogurt)
    • Food coloring (4 primary colors that you can buy at any grocery store)
  • Mix at least a cup of yogurt with a couple drops of food coloring
    • Remember your colors mixing rules and you can make all sorts of colors (red + yellow = orange, blue + red = purple, etc)
    • The more food coloring, the more vibrant the color
    • Repeat until you have enough colors (6 usually makes a nice rainbow)
  • I suggest using cardboard as the canvas. Today, I tried cardstock and the paint was too watery and heavy for the material. Just take an old shipping box – I know you all get shipments often 😉 – and cut a large rectangular surface for your tot.

Happy painting! Feel free to share your favorite (easy) toddler activity below!